Custom Mobile Apps

We live in the Post PC Era, an era in which 8 in 10 Americans own a smartphone. Plenty of businesses now have a mobile strategy. Don't let your mobile app be cookie cutter.
Your app should be informative, interactive, rewarding (otherwise, what's the incentive to download it?) and one of a kind. Most of all, it should drive revenue. At PocketCake, we develop custom apps, not templates. Your business is unique; your app should be, too.

If you're interested in a custom mobile app for personal or business use, contact us here. Once we understand your goals, we'll provide you with a time and price estimate. We'll work with you to develop an app that's in your price range.


Here at PocketCake, we love games! We've developed a few games for the App Store and Google Play. You can download them or take a glance at their social media pages below.


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