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Instead of an abstract blueprint process, PocketCake's virtual reality services ensure your concepts look exactly as you envisioned them. For a price comparable to 3D flythrough animations, our developers import CAD or BIM models from programs such as Revit or SketchUp and create immersive virtual environments using Unity3D or Unreal Engine.
We accept such file formats as FBX, 3DS, OBJ, MB, DAE, MAX or BLEND.

Our pricing is dependent on the project's square footage, complexity and level of detail.
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Architectural Visualization

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    LifeCoach is a multi-faceted tool for personal and spiritual growth that converges captivating media, practical content and thought-provoking study questions on the platform of interactive coaching relationships.


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    The mobile app PocketCake developed for CCR Roofing allows property managers to submit maintenance tickets in real time after entering some notes and taking a few photographs. It uses geo-location tracking to pinpoint the problem.


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    Together with Remember Everyone (REON), PocketCake is changing the way people share contact information and interact with social media.


    • Transfer contact information with the swipe of a finger.
    • Each new contact is time-stamped and a GPS function “maps” each connection, so users can remember where they met.
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    Live Rosary

    PocketCake is developing a mobile app that will allow users to pray the Rosary anytime, anywhere with around-the-clock broadcasts.


    • Multiple broadcast channels available at any given time.
    • Broadcasts can be selected from a list or map and filtered by language.
    • Easily schedule a reminder for future broadcasts, which are shown in the user’s local time.
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    Real Estate

    PocketCake is working with CaseMax to develop a mobile app to be used in conjunction with existing software to collect and send foreclosure sales data to the client’s database.

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    PocketCake is the maker of LavaCat, Arrow Flick and PuzzlerPics.


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    PocketCake developed a user-friendly donation kiosk for churches and non-profits called myOffering Kiosk.

    It’s as simple as:
    1. Tap the amount you wish to give.
    2. Swipe your credit or debit card.
    3. Make a difference.

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    A museum can be an intimidating place. Where to go? What to see? Will it be of interest? GoTour Mobile makes your museum more accessible than ever before by giving visitors a tour designed specifically for them.

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