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Instead of an abstract blueprint process, PocketCake's virtual reality services ensure your concepts look exactly as you envisioned them. For a price comparable to 3D flythrough animations, our developers import CAD or BIM models from programs such as Revit or SketchUp and create immersive virtual environments using Unity3D or Unreal Engine.
We accept such file formats as FBX, 3DS, OBJ, MB, DAE, MAX or BLEND.

Our pricing is dependent on the project's square footage, complexity and level of detail.
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Architectural Visualization

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    Phase One


    About Phase One

    • Basic visual cues such as shapes and forms.
    • Basic geometry with no textures.
    • Colliders for navigating 3D geometry in virtual space.
    • Flat/simple lighting to show shapes.

    Pricing for a Phase One visualization starts at $1,750.

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    Phase Two


    About Phase Two

    • Basic textures and custom textures provided by client.
    • Single light source.

    Pricing for a Phase Two visualization starts at $3,000.

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    Phase Three


    About Phase Three

    • Fully detailed textures.
    • Bump mapping and specular levels.
    • Shadows.
    • Fully simulated lighted environment.

    Pricing for a Phase Three visualization starts at $6,000.

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