Virtual Reality

PocketCake offers virtual reality (VR) services for architecture, engineering, law, medicine and education. These are not merely renderings or 3D animation flythroughs but fully immersive experiences.

We have three stages of completion that we offer, allowing you to pick the amount of detail that you require for any given project. Each phase is described below.
Our pricing is dependent on the project's square footage and complexity. Please contact us
for the most accurate quote.

Phases for Architectural Visualization


• Basic visual cues such as shapes and forms.
• Basic geometry with no textures.
• Colliders for navigating 3D geometry in virtual space.
• Flat/simple lighting to show shapes.

Pricing for a Phase One visualization starts at $750.


• Basic textures and custom textures provided by client.
• Single light source.

Pricing for a Phase Two visualization starts at $1,500.


• Fully detailed textures.
• Bump mapping and specular levels.
• Shadows.
• Fully simulated lighted environment.

Pricing for a Phase Three visualization starts at $6,000.


The Future of Immersion

Instead of an abstract blueprint process, PocketCake's VR services ensure your concepts look exactly as you envisioned them. Our developers can convert 3D modeling file formats such as FBX, 3DS, OBJ, MB, DAE, MAX or BLEND. For a price that's comparable to 3D animation walkthroughs, your client can have an immersive experience in which they inhabit real space, walking wherever they like. What's more, PocketCake can transform point cloud data into a mesh that's usable in a virtual environment.

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