• Testimonial
    Brandon Park / Pastor, Connection Point Church

    We couldn't have been more pleased with PocketCake's level of professionalism and willingness to cooperate with us to make sure our app was exactly as we envisioned. They truly delivered a great product.

  • Testimonial
    Sarah Behrens / Family Services and Training Coordinator, Kansas Technical Assistance Network (TASN)

    With just an idea in mind and no experience developing apps, PocketCake heard our thoughts, asked questions and learned as much as they could about our organizations and autism. They developed and presented a plan for design and implementation and were great collaborative partners in our project.

  • Testimonial
    Jim Ralston / Program Manager, Sprint

    PocketCake exceeded my expectations for developing a new augmented reality software that represents the precise integration of real world imagery with virtual imagery.

  • Testimonial
    Douglas Reitz / Executive Vice President, RYCOM Instruments

    PocketCake consistently does a great job for us.

  • Testimonial
    Andrew Marquez / Co-founder, SocialUp, Inc.

    When we started this project we had a vision. Throughout the process, PocketCake helped us turn that vision into a product and was flexible enough and patient enough to make this dream a reality.

  • Testimonial
    Darin Clay / Owner, CCR Roofing

    I wanted a mobile app that would allow property managers to submit maintenance tickets to CCR Roofing in real time. PocketCake made it happen.

  • Testimonial
    Sam Raiche / CEO, Remember Everyone

    PocketCake didn't just realize my app idea. They refined it, expanded upon it and innovated it.

  • Testimonial
    Trevor Bechtold / Design Architect, HOK

    We partnered with PocketCake at Scouting 500, where visitors took a virtual tour of a sports stadium we designed. The event was a big hit.

iOS and Android Mobile Application Development in Kansas City

Mobile App Development

Every project we undertake is carefully planned, thoughtfully designed and solidly coded. Our clients range from small start-ups to large corporations.

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iOS and Android Mobile Application Development in Kansas City


Based in Kansas City, PocketCake specializes in custom app development for iOS and Android. We design, develop and deploy one-of-a-kind mobile experiences.

Virtual Reality in Kansas City

Virtual Reality

PocketCake develops virtual reality simulations for architecture, engineering, law, medicine, education and police, firefighter and military training.

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Examples of our Work

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    A multi-faceted tool for personal and spiritual growth.


    • 50 daily on-location videos and interactive lessons.
    • Live chat.
    • Built-in accountability.
    • Complete program to become a LifeCoach.

  • Testimonial

    Autism Resource Connection

    Allows families in Kansas and Nebraska to locate services and resources related to autism in their communities. Click here to learn more.


    • Services and resources can be searched according to zip code and category, including:
      • Medical, Early Intervention (Ages 0-3), School (Ages 3-21), Community Based Services and Transition/Adult Services
    • Users can assign ratings to each service and resource.
    • Users can designate their favorites.


  • Testimonial

    Path Traq

    Allows users to create and share maps of utility lines and other paths using location data obtained via their mobile device or Bluetooth from a RYCOM GPS device.


    • Interfaces with Google Maps to log and view both individual points and underground utility path.
    • Photographs can be associated with a particular point.
    • Each user device can store multiple maps; each map can have multiple points, paths and utilities.
    • Users have the ability to add, delete and edit categories, including default categories.
    • All map data is stored locally and can be emailed as a .KMZ file.


  • Testimonial

    American Predator Challenge

    Predator competitions will never be the same.

    Click here to learn more.

    How It Works:

    • Register online to compete in a challenge.
    • Download the American Predator Challenge mobile app.
    • The night of the event, you and your team will have 24 hours to harvest as many predators as possible.
    • When an animal is harvested, check it in via the app.
    • Collect points for each animal harvested.
    • Win and redeem prizes.


  • Testimonial

    Dine Decisions

    Dine Decisions will allow users to search (by zip code, current location or restaurant name) restaurants near them for specific criteria: Daily Specials; Happy Hour Specials; Live Music; Brunch; Patio and Private Rooms. The app will initially target the Kansas City area before launching in Charleston and Austin.

  • Testimonial


    An intuitive way to interact with your friends on your time. Click here to learn more.


  • Testimonial

    Real Estate

    Used in conjunction with existing CaseMax software to collect and send foreclosure sales data to the client’s database.

  • Testimonial

    Climate Control

    Designed to look and operate similar to a vehicle’s inherent climate control, the app allows the user’s mobile device to establish a secure Bluetooth connection to compatible hardware to provide instantaneous wireless control and feedback.


  • Testimonial


    Together with Remember Everyone (REON), PocketCake is changing the way people share contact information.


    • Transfer contact information with the swipe of a finger.
    • Each new contact is time-stamped and a GPS function “maps” each connection, so users can remember where they met.
  • Testimonial

    CCR Roofing

    Allows property managers to submit maintenance tickets in real time after entering some notes and taking a few photographs. It uses geo-location tracking to pinpoint the problem.


  • Testimonial

    Live Rosary

    Allows users to pray the Rosary anytime, anywhere with around-the-clock broadcasts.


    • Multiple broadcast channels available at any given time.
    • Broadcasts can be selected from a list or map and filtered by language.
    • Easily schedule a reminder for future broadcasts, which are shown in the user’s local time.
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    Mobile Games

    PocketCake is the maker of LavaCat, Arrow Flick and PuzzlerPics.

  • Testimonial

    myOffering Kiosk

    A user-friendly donation kiosk for churches and non-profits.

    It’s as simple as:
    1. Tap the amount you wish to give.
    2. Swipe your credit or debit card.
    3. Make a difference.

    Click here to learn more.

  • Testimonial

    GoTour Mobile

    A museum can be an intimidating place. Where to go? What to see? Will it be of interest? GoTour Mobile makes your museum more accessible than ever before by giving visitors a tour designed specifically for them.

    Click here to learn more.

Our App Development Process


For starters, we listen to your app idea, analyze it and determine the best method to realize it, evaluating the market to discover the advantage your app has over the competition.


We will help you develop a detailed wireframe of the app, which acts like a building blueprint showing how the user will experience and interact with the app.


We utilize interactive prototyping to ensure client satisfaction. We can create a unique user interface design that is ideally suited to your specific app, optimizing the visual communication within each screen. We can also assist with the branding (i.e. logos, colors, fonts, etc.) for your app or company.


Your dedicated project manager will work closely with you during all stages of development so the app is precisely as you envisioned, providing you with regular prototypes.


To assure proper functionality, usability and consistency, we will rigorously test and debug your app prior to release.

Launch & Support

We will help publish your app on the App Store and Google Play. A release manager will oversee project delivery and deployment. We are available to modify your project post-launch.

Make your vision a reality with PocketCake.

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PocketCake specializes in custom app development for iOS and Android. We’re a full-service developer, working with clients from the idea stage through strategy, design, development, testing and launch. We typically respond to all inquiries within one business day.

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