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How iOS developers can build better apps

By Jonny Evans Things have changed in the iOS economy. While it’s still possible since the 2008 App Store launch for relatively inexperienced developers to create hit products, it’s a lot less likely. And while you still get stories of young developers...
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Does Your Business Need an App?

By Jeremy Lydic More than half of the users of the internet go online with mobile devices. By 2019, mobile phone internet penetration is projected to reach 63.4%, up from 58.9% last year, according to Statista. Considering how reliant on our smartphones...
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The changes in iOS 12 for developers

By Richard Harris It’s here, iOS 12 – Apple’s latest operating system, and it’s chalked full of changes in everything from the user experience to under the programming hood. Along with the new OS, Apple has also released a new...
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New 2018 iPad Pro details

By Guilherme Rambo Apple is widely expected to hold an event this month to introduce new 2018 iPad Pro models, new Macs, and more. Much of this has been confirmed by evidence within the iOS 12.1 beta, which includes references to an iPad 2018 Fall device....
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How to make an old Android phone feel new again

By JR Raphael Computerworld Old Android phones are everywhere. They’re in closets, kitchens, desk drawers — and, yes, even in the pockets of productive business people who (gasp!) haven’t bothered to upgrade in a while. Despite the constant...
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When Will Your Company Go Mobile?

By Ali Ispahany If you are a business owner today — no matter what size your business is — you need to start thinking about a mobile-first strategy if you have not already done so. In today’s world, businesses everywhere are looking for...
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