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5 Questions to Ask Before Building a Mobile App

By Sylvester Kaczmarek There has been a massive surge in mobile app usage recently with a worldwide total of over a 100 billion app downloads in 2016 and almost 270 billion app downloads expected in 2017. This and the fact that there have been many cases...
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Custom iOS apps make skies friendly for United pilots

By Ramin Edmond When there is no IT admin to help at 40,000 feet, reliable technology is key. The stakes are high — both physically and figuratively — for the United Airlines IT and operations teams, whose job it is to ensure that pilots’...
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Four Tips For Planning Your First Custom App

By Ann Monroe What if there were a clear set of instructions to help you bring your best ideas to life as a custom app? Just like any other new skill, you could take that great idea and follow concrete steps to plan a custom app that will transform your...
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The 7 Mobile App Monetization Models

By Rich Foreman Something I typically ask my startup clients is, “How do you plan on making money?” Sometimes I get a stunned silence in response. They’re so caught up in their idea that they never think about the monetization model. This is especially...
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5 Must-Have Features of a Corporate Mobile App

By Evan Rose Mobile apps have become one of the most popular communication tools between businesses and their customers. Providing a dedicated app to your customers to install is one of the best marketing decisions because people want to be in control...
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