Creating A Mobile App In 2016? Here Are 5 Criteria For Choosing Your Software Development Company

By AJ Agrawal

In today’s tech heavy environment, there’s no shortage of software development companies that are eager to create your next mobile app. How can you be sure you’re selecting a highly-skilled company that will be creative, on budget, and on time with your product?

Like any other business, a software development company is only as good as its people. The best software companies are able to attract and maintain competent software developers while knowing how to weed out mediocre ones.

While there’s no way to examine the competencies of every employee within a company, there are ways to determine which company likely has what it takes to bring your app visions to life. Here are some important things to look for during your selection process:

Look for happy clients.

Any company website or LinkedIn page can showcase a few rave reviews hailing them as a knight in shining armor. While testimonials can be useful, be diligent enough to look behind the curtain. It’s important to ask the software development company for a list of clients you can contact. Make sure these clients can confirm that Company X did indeed create the app they said they created. And, of course, let them tell you the unbiased warts-and-all experiences they had with the company.

Look for apps you can test.

Before you hire a software development company, make sure you’ve seen several mobile apps they’ve created. Just as a car dealership wouldn’t expect you to make a purchase without a test drive, a development company shouldn’t expect you to invest in their services without letting you test their products. Ask the company for a list of apps they’ve created and search for them online. Spend a couple days with your end-user hat on, download some of their apps, and invest enough time with them to form an educated opinion about their quality.

Look for agility.

This is important. When talking to a company’s past and current clients, ask if the company was fast to develop their app, fast to solve problems, and fast to respond to their change requests. Any software company worth its mettle will diligently embrace the fact that business moves and changes at the speed of light.

Look for transparency.

Without constant and honest communication, it would be hard to imagine how any app could turn out the way it was envisioned. It’s critical for a software development company to keep its client updated at all times using daily status reports. App developers should use any means of communication the client wants, including onsite visits, Skype calls, and email.

When you partner with another company, unexpected surprises can happen. Deadlines get missed, end products sometimes disappoint, and budgets are sometimes exceeded. There are no crystal balls when it comes to working with a software development company. But with some diligence and a careful selection process on your part, you’ll significantly increase the probability of a successful project and a prosperous business relationship.

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