Making an appealing app design

By KMBZ Radio

Pokemon Go has captivated America’s attention, but why? Why do some apps fascinate, while others fail? Every app, no matter what it does, needs to look good.

Project Manager Jill Rogge, with the local app development company PocketCake, says her designers know how to “tweak” a design so it feels better.

“Sometimes it can be a matter of rounding buttons, sometimes it means to not clutter the page. Sometimes if you can take text and change it out with a picture, so instead of ‘United States’ written out, you put a flag there instead,” Rogge tells KMBZ.

Basically, Jill says it comes down to making the app both simple and intuitive.

Another consideration: safety. Rogge says there are a lot of security regulations when you’re designing an app for apple devices.

“A lot of them are just for everyone’s best interest, for instance if you require, on a sign up, for a user to enter a phone number, and there’s not a good reason for that, then they reject you,” says Rogge.

Despite its popularity, Pokemon Go has come under fire for a major security risk to certain users.

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