The rise of the internet on mobile

The rise of the internet on mobile

Mobile web browsing has doubled since 2009. By the end of this year, more Americans will access the internet via a mobile device than a laptop or desktop. The underlying factor behind this trend is smartphone ownership. As more Americans own smartphones, more are likely to browse the web with them. By 2020, 90 percent of Americans will own a smartphone.

If your website doesn’t display well on mobile, prepare to be left behind. According to a recent Compuware survey, 60 percent of respondents expect a mobile site to load in less than three seconds. Forty-six percent said they were unlikely to return to a site they couldn’t conveniently access from their phone. “Convenient,” in this case, meant the site loaded quickly, wasn’t a chore to view (no squinting or pinching) and had an interface that was easy to navigate and featured the information they cared about most. Thirty-four percent of mobile users will visit a competitor’s site when the targeted company’s site doesn’t meet their expectations.

An example of what Americans will come to expect is best illustrated in Robinson Appliance Repair in Spokane, Washington. Its mobile website allows consumers to get in touch with their technicians faster than ever before, catapulting their company ahead of the competition. Today, perhaps more than ever before, time is essential. When a refrigerator or washer and dryer breaks down, the customer wants it fixed. Now.

According to Robinson Alliance Repair owner Neil Wiltbank: “At times, an appliance will break down after business hours, and you’re left waiting until morning to speak with a customer service rep, but our new mobile website allows the customer to schedule appointments whenever the need occurs. With the implementation of mobility, we’re enabling our customers to instantly reach out to appliance technicians and schedule a repair service quickly. Our website is more convenient; there’s quicker access and less downtime for the consumer.”

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