Why a Mobile App is Essential to Startup Success

By Holly Chavez

Apps have become a much more popular way for smartphone users to find new information. In fact, user surveys have found that people spend 88 percent of their smartphone time using apps as opposed to looking things up via a browser. This staggering figure is likely to continue increasing, so your startup needs to have an app in order to remain competitive. Even if you are part of the tech industry, building and maintaining an app might not be within your wheelhouse or part of your main focus.

Why Should a Tech Startup Choose a Mobile App Designer?
As previously mentioned, you might already have the necessary skills to create a mobile app. Even if this is the case, the reality is that getting a startup off the ground takes an enormous amount of time and effort. Many companies of all sizes have discovered that it is actually a better usage of their time and money to outsource certain things so that they can put the appropriate resources into maintaining their core business model. After all, if you do not perfect your products or services and properly handle the customer service aspect of your business, you will not even need an app. On the other hand, if you can get all of these vital components off on the right foot, a professionally designed app will help you increase your customer base.

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